What seems like ages ago, a Dwarven mage with a penchant for purple robes was recruiting for a new questing party.  He gathered a number of like-minded adventurers including a human Valkyrie whose armor was adorned with paintings of scenes and objects close to her heart. Throughout their years of questing together, the mage and the Valkyrie grew closer while others were slain or went their separate way to join other adventures.  Eventually it was just the two: a duo most dynamic whose strengths complimented each other.  Please join them on their latest adventure to find and tame the mythical Ogopogo.

In layman's terms we are a 2 people who really love tabletop gaming. We met at our day jobs and realized we both shared this passion, both are super creative, and eager to try something new. So we decided to make something we love into our business and tabletop gaming accessories was were we wanted to begin. We started out with about $5,000 dollars of our own money, taught ourselves how to build a website, international manufacturing, and after about 20 failed attempts we ended up with our Frozen Line. We then Released our first Limited Edition Set Blood & Steel and we were off and running. 

We chose to use our own money when starting up because we didn't know what to expect and didn't want to put that burden on you. It was a huge risk, it's still very scary as we haven't paid ourselves back yet. 100% of our profit is going back into the company helping it grow (in more ways then just dice, this is a hint if you actually read this). But it's been a ride, we would never change it, and we cant wait to see where this take us with your support!  


Pennsylvania, USA

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